About Us

De Novo Analytics is creating an innovative adaptive intelligence platform that provides breakthrough  business efficiency and agility.  De Novo Analytics is engaged in active collaboration with academic centers at the forefront of AI and Machine Learning research. The systems development and operations support is provided by a global team of skilled software engineers.

managing Director

Dr. Dileep Bhattacharya

Dr. Bhattacharya received a PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science from IIT, Kharagpur. He held leadership positions in IBM Systems Technology Group for 20 years and developed world class products in Analytics, AI and Supercomputing. He has provided strategic advice to CIO and IT leaders on the AI technology platform and massively parallel architectures. 

Director of Business Operations

Vijay Marwaha, MBA

Vijay received his B.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology and MBA from  Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. He worked at IBM Global Services for over 20 years and led business innovation services engagements at large enterprises. Vijay has deep expertise in systems engineering, database architectures, applications  design, financial accounting, business strategy and operations management.


Dr. Charles DeLisi

Dr. Charles DeLisi is the Metcalf Professor of Science and Engineering at Boston University.  Dr. DeLisi received his PhD in Physics from NYU. He has pioneered the development of innovative mathematical methods and algorithms for analyzing highly complex physical, biological and financial systems. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the Presidential Citizens Medal awarded to him by President Clinton for his seminal role in initiating the Human Genome Project.

Dr. Miguel Lejeune

Dr. Lejeune is a Professor of Decision Sciences at George Washington University. He also holds visiting positions at Carnegie Mellon University, University of California - Irvine, Georgetown University, and Foundation Getulio Vargas. Dr Lejeune completed his PhD at Rutgers University. He is an expert in stochastic programming, prescriptive business analytics, financial risk,  and large-scale optimization. He has pioneered the machine learning algorithms for predicting the creditworthiness of banks.

Dr. Manjul Bhushan

Dr. Bhushan received a PhD in Physics from Clemson University. She conducted research on advanced systems technology and data analysis at MIT and IBM for over two decades . She has published 80+ publications and holds 27 patents. She is the founder of OctEval and provides consulting services to high tech firms on technology frameworks and computer engineering .