Innovate with Adaptive Intelligence

Discover how to achieve breakthrough efficiency and resiliency by combining human intelligence with the extraordinary power of machines to extract new insights from high dimensional data. A critical element in this process is building a system of adaptive intelligence (AI) - developing a capacity to refine business intelligence by continuously learning from insights embedded in the enterprise data, anticipating events and outcomes before they adversely impact business.

The speed with which an enterprise leverages AI and machine learning may determine how quickly the enterprise is able to respond to new market opportunities and challenges. At De Novo Analytics, we are focused on building an Adaptive Intelligence platform enabling enterprises to achieve new levels of business efficiency and value creation.

Architect an Enterprise AI Platform

The deployment of adaptive intelligence starts with the creation of a big data analytics platform customized for the enterprise’s strategic priorities and competitive landscape.

This effort involves the acquisition and ingestion of massive structured and non-structured data, the design of innovative machine learning algorithms to extract intelligence from datasets, and the automation apparatus to dynamically integrate intelligence in the service delivery infrastructure.

Build Breakthrough AI Applications with De Novo Analytics

Scale data analytics without limit using massively parallel systems

Deploy intelligent systems that continuously learn from data.

Apply novel machine learning algorithms to solve industry’s most complex problems.


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