Massively Parallel Systems

Big data analysis at speed requires advanced parallel processing capabilities at compute, storage and database levels. De Novo Analytics uses an array of innovative platforms to address the client’s data analytic needs:  


Highly optimized hybrid compute platform combining high performance Power9 processors and Nvidia GPU accelerators.  Systems are modular and can be scaled to supercomputing configurations with virtually limitless capacity. Elegant systems and security management tools make Power AI an excellent platform for the deployment of enterprise AI applications. 

Google Compute Platform

The Google Big Query database platform enables data management and analysis at a global scale. Google also supports a variety of machine learning services and a scalable execution platform for running AI models built with TensorFlow.                                                        

Amazon Web Services

The Amazon Web Services platform provides a broad range of services to build and deploy machine learning and big data applications using commodity hardware. Amazon EMR provides a managed Hadoop framework to process vast amounts of data across scalable Amazon EC2 instances.

IBM Bluemix

The Bluemix cloud platform offers opportunities to build and scale AI applications powered with Watson Cognitive services.